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The Washington Post today announced that Web Performance and SEO Best Practices and Guidelines are now available on The Post’s site. Following the release of The Post’s accessibility guidelines, these new guidelines will ensure that the Post is providing a positive user experience, increasing website visibility, driving organic traffic, and ultimately, improving the site's overall success. As part of The Post's open-source design system, these guidelines are also available for use by anyone on the web to ensure best practices for web performance and SEO are met.
"We identified a need for a Web Performance and SEO engineering team to build technical solutions that support the discovery of our journalism, as the majority of news consumers today read the news digitally. Without proper SEO and web performance, our stories aren’t as accessible to our readers,” said Arturo Silva, engineering lead. “As leaders in engineering and media publishing, we’re creating guidelines that serve our audiences and by sharing those technical solutions in our open-source design system, we are providing the tools for others to certify that their own site practices are optimal.”
The web performance and SEO best practices were one of the first projects led by Christian Stroh, The Post’s SEO and web performance engineer who is part of the Web Performance and SEO engineering team. A segment of this teams' scope is to spearhead company-wide standards and guidelines around best practices, implement technical solutions to measure and boost performance scores, and collaborate with the newsroom to translate search insights into new actionable tools.
Explore the guidelines.