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When it comes to sharing your images on your website in the form of a web gallery, the CMS options for managing the same are many. Whether you wish to create an online portfolio, or simply want to share some photos, choosing the ideal CMS for your web gallery goes a long way in effectively managing the gallery! In this article, we bring to you some of the best known CMS options for web gallery management.
Zenfolio allows you to create beautiful galleries for your photographs with an easy to use and incredibly powerful platform. Features include a portfolio style home page, customizable slideshows with music, custom page elements, photo blogging, scores of themes, pre-built pages that you can choose from, mobile optimization (for tablets and phones, multiple user accounts and much more. There's even an e-Commerce component should you choose to sell your photos for a fee.
Website: Zenfolio
Wix is a website builder but it has some amazing functionality for managing picture galleries as well. From sliders to full galleries for your photos, you are sure to find a way to showcase your pictures. The advantage to using a hosted solution such as the one that Wix offers is the speed at which the site loads. With a hosted solution like Wix, your site will not be bogged down with media.
Here's an example of one of their templates:
Website: Wix
There are numerous themes available for creating amazing galleries with WordPress. Here is a list of direct links to places where you can find some amazing gallery / photo based WordPress themes and Plugins:
Coppermine is one of the most popular web gallery CMS based on PHP scripts. It employs a MySQL back end. It is highly customizable by means of plugins and seems to be a perfect choice for creating a photo blog or image gallery online.
Website: Coppermine
Zenphoto is arguably the most popular CMS when it comes to sharing images. The goal behind Zenphoto is simple: web gallery management! The interface is sleek and wonderful, with separate tabs for configuring the different components of your gallery. Further more, Zenphoto is supplemented by numerous templates and plugins (including some that feature integration with a WordPress blog).
Website: Zenphoto
If you prefer having a gorgeous theme or template for your gallery (who doesn't, by the way?), Piwigo might just be the right CMS for you. With numerous themes and plugins in its arsenal, Piwigo is a popular open source CMS for web gallery management. It is packed with features, and just in case you are still looking for a web host, Piwigo.com also provides web hosting!
Website: Piwigo
Gallery is an open source web based photo album organizer. Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you're running a small personal site or a large community site.
Website: Gallery

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