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Saint Louis University is a premier research university where students and faculty work side by side to tackle tough questions and find solutions that impact communities in St. Louis and worldwide.
SLU researchers are exploring new frontiers and tackling the greatest questions of our time. SLU is on the cutting edge of research that makes a difference for humanity in our community and abroad. Informed by our university's Jesuit mission, our researchers are motivated by a concern for the most vulnerable members of our society.
We are rooted in over 200 years of history, and we continue to guide our future. From the discovery of the life-saving properties of vitamin K to more recent breakthroughs at our federally funded Center for Vaccine Development, all of our research is defined by compassion, ambition and innovation.
We are an urban, Jesuit research university, grounded in the St. Louis region with global ambitions. We strive to be a responsible partner and an ambitious leader in our local St. Louis community, and we believe that the research done at SLU can transform our world into a healthier and more just one for all.
In 2018, SLU announced a historic gift from Dr. Jeanne and Mr. Rex Sinquefield: $50 million to establish the Saint Louis University Research Institute. The Research Institute built on the University's existing research priorities and placed the University on the path to becoming a world-class research university. The Research Institute plays a vital role in investing in SLU's faculty and research infrastructure, building areas of research strength, fostering new collaborations and partnerships, and recruiting outstanding new scholars and scientists. More information can be found on the Research Institute's website
Research is a central component of the undergraduate and graduate experiences at SLU. We provide all of our students with the opportunity to work side-by-side with our research teams so they can see first-hand how research at SLU impacts the world. From day one, the student experience at SLU is enriched by a vibrant research community that creates pathways for real change.
There are a number of opportunities available at SLU for researchers seeking funding. The following internal awards are currently accepting proposals. Internal awards are provided through the SLU Research Institute. For more information on these awards and more, please visit this page.
The Research Institute Annual Impact Report shares the story of SLU’s rise as a preeminent research university and illustrates the full breadth of SLU’s research enterprise. This latest edition showcases new developments in geospatial science, the humanities, neuroscience, additive manufacturing and more. 
Read the 2022 Impact Report 

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The SLU Research Institute advances the University's existing research growth ambitions to grow scholarship and research. The Institute will affirm SLU's path to become the world's leading Jesuit research university.

Home to one of only nine Vaccine Testing and Evaluation Units (VTEU) in the nation, SLU is on the front lines of the fight against a number of deadly infectious diseases.
Who are we? Why are we here? What do we value as a society? These are just a few of the topics researchers and scholars in the humanities are tackling at SLU.
Geospatial science is a multibillion-dollar industry, and SLU researchers are leading a charge to make St. Louis into a national hub for geospatial research.
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