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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Kiotee Club is usually a nightlife hotspot, but this Saturday, the bar will turn into a kid friendly venue to help a special little boy.
“He just wants to have fun, wants to play baseball, wants to run around and be a kid. he doesn’t want to be, you know, labeled as the kid with cancer,” Levi Murphy’s mother, Lauren Murphy said.
Levi Murphy was nine years old when he was diagnosed with a form of brain and spine cancer called Medulloblastoma.
“He went through two six hour brain surgeries, 30 rounds of proton radiation in seven months of chemotherapy,” Murphy shared.
But eventually, Levi beat cancer... at least, for awhile.
“Then in November, it was just a regular scan, a regular scheduled scan, and that’s when they had seen a little tiny spot in his spine had started growing again,” Murphy added.
In an effort to raise money for Levi’s treatment, the Kiotee Club, in Denison is hosting a benefit this Saturday, from 11am to 6 pm, all are welcome.
“We’re going to have an auction. We have a chili cookoff. there’ll be a food truck, we have a cornhole tournament. There’ll be live music, raffles. We have all kinds of stuff that’s going on,” she said.
Levi’s mother said the out-pouring of support from the community is overwhelming, yet comforting.
“It’s been absolutely incredible to know that people love him so much and love us so much that they’re willing to put in so much time, so much donations, everything that they’ve done, it’s just it’s amazing to see the good hearted people in the world,” Murphy shared.
For ways to donate to Levi, click here .
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