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How to set Google Search as the default search engine in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera browsers on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone
Almost everyone agrees that Google Search is the best way to find information online. Whether you're looking for the best Android phone, how to travel with a minimal carbon footprint, or wondering what something looked like in the past, Google is your friend. For many years, Google has reigned as the most popular search engine with the most reliable results. Despite Bing's recent gains after adding an AI chat feature, Google Search is still the undisputed leader.
There are plenty of reasons to choose Google as your preferred search engine, but it isn't always clear how to make Google Search the default when you use the search bar in some web browsers and operating systems.
Google Search is the default search engine for Chrome, but if that has changed, here's how to restore it.
The Chrome browser has the same layout for Windows PCs, Mac computers, and Chromebooks, so the instructions to change the default search engine on the desktop version of Google Chrome are the same for these platforms.
You can customize shortcuts to quickly access other search engines by using the Manage search engines and site search option.
It's even easier to change the search engine on an Android phone.
It takes a few more taps to get to Chrome settings on an iPhone.
If you own an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac, the default browser is Apple Safari. Google Search has been the default search engine for Apple products since 2017, but if that has been changed, here's how to switch back.
The iPhone and iPad have a central location for many settings, and that's where you'll find the search engine options for the Safari browser.
On a Mac, you change the search engine within the browser.
Firefox has been losing ground to Chrome and Safari but still has a dedicated user base that like its independent nature. Mozilla's browser uses Google Search as the default. If you'd like to double-check that setting and switch it, here's what you'll do.
Firefox is available as an app for Android and iOS, and the layout is nearly the same.
Edge was falling behind in popularity, but Microsoft revived interest with Bing Chat. If you use Edge but still prefer Google Search, here's how to make it the default search engine.
Microsoft is working hard to keep Bing alive and doesn't make it easy to switch to Google Search. You have to dig a little deeper to find that option.
The Microsoft Edge browser is available on Android and iOS. You might also have Edge on your phone if you use Edge on your desktop. Here's how to make Google the default search engine in the mobile Edge browser.
There are dozens of browsers for Android, iPhone, and desktop. The browsers mentioned above eclipse most others. Opera stands out from the crowd of alternatives as a browser that has been available since 1995, in the early days of the internet. Google Search is the default for Opera, but if it has been changed, here's how to pick Google again.
Opera's browser looks different from most, yet the settings are similar to others.
Opera is available in the Play Store as an alternative browser. Like most other browsers, Google Search is the default. Here's how you can switch back if that has changed.
Opera became available on the iPhone in 2010 when Apple began easing some restrictions. If you use Opera and want to check the default search engine, here's how.
Google works tirelessly to refine the speed and accuracy of its search engine. Making a better search engine was the only purpose of the company when it was founded in 1998. Beginning as an underdog against Yahoo, the leading search engine of that time, Google focused on developing an algorithm that was better at finding high-quality content.
That proved to be a winning strategy and matched what most people wanted. Google Search has always been simple and uncluttered, which delivers the best speed. Over time, Google began pushing the limits of faster search by anticipating what you might be interested in and helping you fill in keywords.
There are other options like Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, You.com, and website-specific search engines. So far, Google has easily outclassed the challengers with better results and more features. Google even has special search operators to refine your results and find exactly what you need.
Google's approach continues to provide fast, relevant information with minimal effort. If that's what you're looking for, Google Search is probably the best choice for your default search engine, no matter which browsers or operating systems you use.
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