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Dear Community,
I am facing an issue regarding one of my WordPress websites which I handle, whenever I opened my website WP-ADMIN panel after login it shows the content in an unstructured way i.e. visually not correctly displayed, please refer to the image below:

To solve the above issue I edit code in wp-config.php which is
define (‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false);
After using above code I manage to open wp-admin panel but whenever I open post or pages it shows the below error please check and suggest how I solve this problem.
400 bad request
please forward this screen to sharedip-6817814587.prod.bom1.secureserver.net’s
your browser sent a request that this server could not understand
Well… start from the top on your debug session. Disable all your plugins and remove the constant you added to wp-config.php. Does everything start working again (be it all the plugin functionality is obviously deactivated)?
If everything appears to work again, enable each plugin one by one until the error starts happening again. That will tell you which plugin is having an issue.
Sounds like you may have some JS syntax error or something that is causing problems. Check your console window too in developer tools to see if any error messages pop up there after enabling the problem plugin.
The same issue was faced one of my client’s WordPress website it is related to the display and functionality of the WP-Admin panel. There are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve this problem:
Clear your browser cache: Sometimes, browser caching can cause display issues. Clearing your browser cache can help in resolving such problems. Try accessing the WP-Admin panel again after clearing your cache.
Disable plugins and switch to a default theme: A conflicting plugin or theme could be causing the display issue. Temporarily disable all your plugins and switch to a default WordPress theme like Twenty Twenty-One or Twenty Twenty to see if the problem persists. If the issue is resolved, then you can narrow down the cause by reactivating each plugin/theme one by one until the issue reappears. This will help you identify the specific plugin/theme causing the problem.
Check for JavaScript errors: Open your website in a web browser and press F12 to open the browser’s developer tools. Go to the “Console” tab and check for any JavaScript errors. JavaScript errors can sometimes disrupt the proper functioning of the WP-Admin panel. If you see any errors, try to troubleshoot and fix them.
Update WordPress, themes, and plugins: Ensure that your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins are up to date. Outdated software can sometimes lead to compatibility issues and cause display problems. Update WordPress core, themes, and plugins to their latest versions.
Check server logs: Contact your hosting provider and ask them to check the server logs for any errors related to your website. The server logs can provide useful information about the cause of the issue.
Revert changes in wp-config.php: If the issue started after making changes in the wp-config.php file, it’s possible that the added code (define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);) is causing conflicts. Remove or comment out that line of code and see if it resolves the problem. If the issue persists, make sure to undo any other recent changes you made in the file.
If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you may need to seek assistance from a WordPress developer or support forum specific to WordPress. Provide them with detailed information about the problem, including any error messages you encounter, to help them troubleshoot more effectively.
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