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Image created by Nicolle Rodriguez, using the Looking Glass action set and an Adobe Stock photo
For a limited time, Adobe Create is giving away some free actions for Photoshop and Illustrator, helping you to add a little flair to your next creative projects.
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From a looking glass photo set to help you create rectangular and circular glass-distortion effects in your images to an action that helps you transform photographs into vibrantly colourful works of modern art, there's something for everyone.
To make sure you get them all before some of the free giveaways expire, download them before 5 September 2018 — save them to your desktop today.
Examples created with Charles Borges de Oliveira's Old Stock action set
Have you ever admired a hand-painted sign and wished you could bring a similar touch to your digital work? Now you can, and for a limited time, it’s free. Download the Old Stock action set for Adobe Illustrator CC and add drop shadows, fills, and other effects to any CMYK vector object.
This set of 130 actions is by Charles Borges de Oliveira. At the start of his design career, Borges de Oliveira apprenticed with a sign painter, and you’ll see that aesthetic and attention to detail in his action set. In addition to the effects Old Stock actions add to type and objects, they also automatically separate and group the resulting graphics so they’re production-ready.
Download the set
Image created by Mike Campau, using his Looking Glass action set and an Adobe Stock photo
Next up is an action set for Adobe Photoshop that you can download – for free – and use to create rectangular and circular glass-distortion effects in your images.
Mike Campau created a video that shows how to install and use the action. First, download the action set. Then you can watch the four-minute tutorial video and get inspired by seeing what some other artists have created with the set.
Download the set
BlackNull used his action set on an Adobe Stock photo to create a dazzling work of art
Photoshop artist Nuwan Panditha, also known as BlackNull, created this almost infinitely customisable action set—it turns any photograph into a vibrantly colourful modern art–inspired image.
Download the set

For more creative inspiration, visit create.adobe.com.

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