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The American auto giant’s cloud-first strategy has helped drive its shift to ‘software-defined vehicle’ manufacturing, replete with revenue-generating services that make it a cloud software provider as well.
Exploring Huawei Cloud's leadership, comprehensive migration solutions, and industry influence in the evolving landscape of hybrid cloud adoption in 2024.

The British packaging manufacturer has launched an AWS-centric digital transformation aimed at better leveraging data for more productive business outcomes — including reduced impact on the environment.
With generative AI, the legal information services giant faces its most formidable disruptor yet. That’s why CTO Jeff Reihl is embracing and enhancing the technology swiftly to keep in front of the competition.
Access results from a recent Rimini Street survey about why enterprises are rethinking their Oracle relationship and cloud strategy.
AI has sucked all the air out of the room of late, but the tech that makes AI possible, keeps the business humming, and advances the core mission of IT and the business too often goes overlooked, unused, and underfunded.
Whether you’re starting out or deep into your cloud journey, assessing — and reassessing — these key questions is vital to ensuring a business-aligned approach free of cost overruns that can arise rapidly at any time.
CRM provider Salesforce is adding a host of features to its Automotive Cloud, including Automotive Loan, Lease Console, and connected car capabilities.
Experience, best practices, and better tools are helping IT leaders get savvier about cloud economics. But emerging technologies such as generative AI and the drive to innovate will perennially complicate the equation.
Understanding the pros and cons of LLMs in the cloud is a step closer to optimized efficiency—but be mindful of security concerns along the way.
The insurer is going cloud native by rebuilding its core applications to align with next-generation business processes tailored to enhance and accelerate the customer experience.
With the cloud now a key staple of IT strategies, IT leaders would be wise to keep apprised of offerings and pricing tactics evolving within the cloud market. Here’s the latest CIOs should know.

As organizations shift their workloads to the public cloud, ensuring their protection becomes paramount. Alarmingly, a IDG survey reports that 35% of customers struggle with increased costs in cloud management and cloud security.
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CIO Brian Kirkland brings a forward-looking sustainability mission to bear on Choice’s cloud-native approach to delivering digital innovations to franchisees and guests alike. In this fast-paced fireside chat, Brian discusses how Choice Hotels International’s early and big bet on the cloud has allowed it to glean the many benefits of its digital transformation.