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The Pollinator Habitat Program was established by the Budget Act of 2021 (Senate Bill 170, Skinner). An allocation of $15 million to CDFA was made for fiscal year 2021-2022 to provide grant funding for the establishment of pollinator habitat on agricultural lands throughout California. CDFA was directed to administer the Pollinator Habitat Program and to prioritize the planning of native habitats for the benefit of native biodiversity and the use of locally appropriate native plant seed mixes when feasible.
CDFA has awarded 10 projects, totaling $12.25 million. List of the Awarded Projects .
CDFA accepted applications from September 2022 through November 23rd, 2022. Resource Conservation Districts, non-profit organizations, University of California, California State Universities, California community colleges, and California and federally recognized Tribes were eligible to apply for up to $2,000,000 in funding to work directly with farmers and ranchers to install habitat and implement management practices that support pollinators.
Resources for Pollinator Habitat Program Awardees
The Pollinator Habitat Program will provide up to $14.5 million in funding to established and experienced organizations (See Eligibility) to work directly with farmers and ranchers to install habitat and implement management practices that support pollinators.
The Pollinator Habitat Program is aligned with the suite of Climate Smart Agriculture incentive programs administered by CDFA’s Office of Environmental Farming and Innovation. The program’s primary objective is to support pollinators through provision of floral resources, host plants and other elements of suitable habitat. Projects funded through the PHP can be expected to have additional benefits to California’s biodiversity and agricultural production. Projects will support integrated pest management, support beneficial species (beyond pollinators), enhance carbon sequestration and improve soil health among other co-benefits.
Pollinators are essential to many of California’s agricultural crops and to the vast biodiversity of California’s natural ecosystems. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors including habitat destruction, pesticides, disease, and climate change pollinators are in decline. The loss of pollinators in California affects both agricultural and natural ecosystems. It is the goal of the Pollinator Habitat Program to help strengthen pollinator populations and health.
The following entities are eligible to apply for PHP grants:
Agricultural commodity groups are encouraged to apply in partnership with the above eligible entities.
Entities applying for PHP grants must have demonstrated expertise and experience in habitat restoration on agricultural lands or implementation of conservation management practices that support pollinators.
Partnerships between multiple organizations are encouraged.
If you have questions about the Pollinator Habitat Program, please email cdfa.oefi_php@cdfa.ca.gov.
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