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Learning code has never been easier. Many free resources can help a beginner master a programming language or build a new web project. For online merchants, a better understanding of code means less reliance on third-party developers.
Here is a list of resources to learn code in 2022. There are courses for beginners and advanced users, practical tasks to complete, career paths to follow, certifications, and active communities for peer review. All of these resources are free, though some offer premium plans for advanced coursework and features.
W3Schools is for web developers, covering all the aspects of development. Tutorials range from basic to professional and include skill quizzes. Premium features include full self-paced courses and certification. W3Schools launched in 1998 but is unaffiliated with the W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium.

Code Conquest
Code Conquest is a free online coding guide for beginners. Access introductions to popular languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, and then proceed to the next level if interested. Each tutorial ends with details on how to learn more.

Codecademy is self-paced, interactive instruction on how to code. Learn a coding language, explore a skill such as web development or cyber security, or follow a career path. Codecademy offers free basic and advanced tutorials and courses. Some features, such as career paths, are restricted to the $19.99-per-month Pro version.

The Odin Project
The Odin Project provides a free, open-source coding curriculum that’s entirely online. Founded in 2013, The Odin Project is sponsored by Thinkful, a new technology school that provides 1-on-1 learning through its network of industry experts and hiring partners combined with a structured online platform. The curriculum contains many projects that will help users build a strong portfolio on Github.

Dash is a free online course to learn the basics of coding and website development. Complete projects and unlock skills through step-by-step guidance. Dash is by General Assembly, which offers immersive programs in web development, user experience design, and data science.

Codewars is a collective education effort by user-creators to teach various techniques and comment with constructive feedback. Community leaders moderate the content. Achieve code mastery by working through challenges with your peers.

freeCodeCamp is a nonprofit community that helps people to learn code by completing challenges and building projects. freeCodeCamp offers free videos, articles, and interactive coding lessons, as well as certifications that take around 300 hours of dedicated learning. There are also freeCodeCamp study groups.

CodeGym is an online course for learning Java programming from scratch. Master Java fundamentals and become confident in programming. Learn through more than 1,200 course tasks. Chat with peers, access groups, and forums from a community of more than 300,000 users from 187 countries.

Sololearn is a resource to learn code step-by-step and improve existing coding skills. Write real code within minutes of starting your first lesson. Assess what you’ve learned with in-lesson quizzes and advance your skills with practice. Earn a certificate to validate newly acquired techniques. Sololearn offers more than 20 courses, including “Data Science” and “Coding for Marketers.” The premium option is ad-free and customized, including learning goals.

Hackr.io is an aggregator of quality programming courses and tutorials. Filter courses by fee, type, medium, level, and reviews. All submissions are entirely crowdsourced and approved by the Hackr.io team.

MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare is a rundown of virtually all course content at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, available to everyone. There are over 30 undergraduate and graduate courses on programming languages and computer science specialties, such as operating systems, graphics and visualization, software design and engineering, and data mining.

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